Mouth of Word feels SPECIAL at Goobe’s Book Republic


At one end of Church Street, you will find a snarky black board with a snarkier comment and this, my friends, is the gateway to book lover heaven. It’s not rare to find strange gatherings in Bangalore’s favourite basement book shop Goobe’s Book Republic, but what went down there on the evening of June 9th was nothing short of the rarest magic, not the Rowling type, just everyday poetry magic.



Surrounded by books, a small circle of people listened to the words crafted by poets Nupur Saraswat and Minal Sukumar. Like stray comets enjoying the journey, we traveled through the skies of wanderlust, body image issues and the conditioning that defines it; talked about love and shared a tonne of hugs over cups of chai. Minal kicked off the evening with sweet nostalgia, stories of travel and her personal definition of wanderlust. She traversed through some tough times and poured out about love and loss and what it’s like to be a person of mixed origin in a country that is suddenly quick to label anything or anyone an anti-national.



After a short breather, Nupur Saraswat and surprise guest Kate Black-Regan intoxicated us with music that blended seamlessly into spoken word. Nupur drew us in to her effortless performance, taking from her personal stories of growing up and experiencing this complicated world. A person who was told that she was a girl and girls need to be a certain way, older and wiser, she now strongly disagrees with these people and their concepts. Her performance, along with Kate’s sweet music and poetry, was infectious and the audience was completely enthralled by the poetic duo.

 We then settled into a discussion about the expectations from such an event, the joys and trials of being a performance poet and the future of poetry in India and across the world. This discussion revealed there were quite a few budding writers in the crowd, all there to figure out how this really works and to find inspiration for great poetry, something the poets at this event most certainly offered in abundance.

We’d be able to call ourselves poets if we could describe what really went down, but then, why take the trouble when we can just show you. So, here’s a gallery of photos and a YouTube Playlist of performances from the evening. Experience the intensity, the energy, the poetry – find us now on social media and be a part of our everyday magic 🙂

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