Pradeep’s open letter to “The Apocalypse”

Pradeep Jagdish voices grave concerns about the end of the world.

Dear Apocalypse

Dear Apocalypse


Class 8, I was there sitting and a guy runs into class and says surprise math test in 5 minutes.
I wished it was you who visited in 5 minutes and not my math teacher
where were you when didn’t write the homework in class 6 and teacher made me sit on my knees for an hour
where were you when i had my first heartbreak, at least i was expecting you

Where the fuck were you when my best friend died and my world came crashing down and yet i could look up to see the rest of the world looked so darn dandy

I wished the world ended just so that it stopped hurting

fuck you for getting my hopes up in 2012,
They even made a goddamn movie about you
and now, just when things are going smooth,
you pop up out of nowhere, like a damn good magician when i least expect it

Dear apocalypse,
I am not afraid of you
I am used my numerous apocalypses by now
i experience hundreds of earthquakes within me everyday and my world has come crashing down hundreds of time in 25 years
after all I am human

Humans are the most intelligent creatures on the planet,
certified by humans,
we declare wars and massacre millions to prove one point,
that my god is more peace loving.
we rape and loot and pillage,
make rules and only to ignore it
guns don’t kill people,
people kill people
so let’s build a wall to keep the people outside
so that they cannot see the bulletholes in the heart of our great nation
you have the freedom to speech and right to dissent
as long as you don’t think and you don’t question
following the masquerades of the so called heroes
with their well timed tears
rewriting history with their clever written PR pieces

you’re every civilisations wet dream
from aztecs to incans to egyptians
everyone wrote about you
and all of them gave you a buffer time of 100 years or so and still you were late
you are like one of those friends who say’s let’s meet at 3 and when you call at 3 30 says he can’t make it and he is sick
whereas in reality he is binge-watching season 3 of GOT
in between a pool of pizza boxes and beer bottles from which michael phelps would have a hard time swimming out
he is not gonna see sunlight for the next 24 hours.

let’s make a deal,
leave us alone for now
relax, turn down the lights,
turn up the music grab some popcorn
and sit back and enjoy the show
we’ll do your job for you in a while anyway
after all we  are the smartest creatures on the planet



Dear Apocalypse‘ is an original work created and owned by Pradeep Jagdish.
Mouth of Word owns exclusive rights to distribution of the same. If you are interested in
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