Pradeep conjures a patronus with ‘Dilemmas of Happy Poetry’

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Dilemmas of Happy Poetry

The first time i wrote a poem and sent it to my best friend,
she came and gave me a hug.

She said, it reminded her of the waterboarding of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay
Like someone had put a cloth across her mouth and poured buckets of sadness,
not letting her breathe
She said it reminded her of zombie apocalypse,
Not the sexy one which all nerds dream of where you mow down zombies with a chainsaw or the one where you get chased by sapiosexuals from tinder for your brain
But one where you leave your brother to die just so you can live an extra one hour
Like a sinkhole opened up below her, dragging her down to the core of the earth
falling through darkness for eternity

I burnt that poem

I’ve been trying to write a happy poem ever since

People have told me that writing a happy poem is lot like producing a patronus
think of a happy memory from your life and conjure it into a shape
letters forming through pages
Happy memory for me is like an abstract painting on the wall of a millionaire’s house
when i think of happy memories,
I think of the very first time I went camping with my best friend in the middle of the mountains
lying on our backs
creating our own constellations or wondering how many of these stars are artificial life forms
stars reminds me of the black marble with white freckles
upon which laid her bruised body and eyes which once held galaxies,
now shut forever

Memories of kissing that one person and gasping for air because I forgot to breathe
unlike every other time
when my body goes to overdrive
remembering that one memory which your mind tries to forget
but not your body,
which flinches with every touch as reflex like a soldier returned from war runs for cover every time an engine misfires
happiness can be found even in the darkest of times
said Dumbledore
if only one remembers to turn on the light

But I
I live in a dilapidated library filled with wonderful books i’ve met over the years
where bulb glows one section at a time
College friends
Poetry group
compartmentalised into different sections on a floor with the huge board which says

Because who knows?
One day,
a spark from an old wiring may cause a fire fiercer than sun burning the whole building down
But for today,
My poems are small bookmarks stuck in between various chapters of books
just to say
I was here Motherfuckers


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