Smokey The Ghost makes ‘a phone call to God’

Smokey the Ghost is an Indian Rapper.
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A phone-call to God

You may see far but far isnt further
Sometimes the other side holds all your brothers
Your mothers, your sisters and all of your friends
It hurts cause they are killing kids at an expense
So jump the fence and walk to the wall of intelligence
cause common sense is for man he’s a communist
They call it religion but let me tell u, I got this

I can even tell you people who really god is
Hindu Muslim Christian its not this
I made a phone call to heaven to find out where god is
They said sorry… Its been a long time mister artist but god is not in office
God is where your heart is
Press one… If you didnt notice
Two if you are jobless… 3 if your hopeless

Press 4 if your one of the human race

Press 4 again if ur one of the hypocrites


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